Book your FREE online Pregnancy or Postnatal class

Our in-person classes are currently on hold. We hope to be back in the studio with you all as soon as it’s safe to be there.

For now we offer Pregnancy and Postnatal classes online. These classes have been free to all pregnant women or mothers or new babies since the start of “lockdown”. Donations are always welcome via our Just Giving Page to support Hertford-based charity “Positive Postnatal” which continues to offer feeding, mental health and baby Tongue Tie support virtually to new parents for free during this challenging time.

Book your free virtual Pregnancy or Postnatal class now by messaging Stephanie on: +44 7308 077605

Pregnancy yoga, sundays 10-11:15am

During this first stage of motherhood, pregnancy yoga is the perfect opportunity to connect with your new baby. These classes will also help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your new, pregnant body. Each week you’ll gain the tools and techniques you’ll need to move into pregnancy, birth and beyond with confidence and joy. Suitable for women in all stages in pregnancy with permission from your doctor or midwife.

When we offered these classes in person we have piles of pillows, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows to keep pregnant women as comfortable as possible throughout the class. You don't need anything special to enjoy and benefit from these online practices but you will need a few cushions or pillows, a blanket and a yoga mat or think rug to keep you comfy throughout. We also used to offer you organic chocolate buttons, dates and chamomille tea throughout our real-life classes (I know!) so we encourage you to bring your own drink and goodies to the virtual class to keep you and baby well-nourished during the practice.

Please feel free to message me on 07308 077605 with any questions you might have before joining one of these prenatal classes. You'll also need to complete a short health and safety form before joining this physical practice. 

mum & baby postnatal yoga (0 – 12 weeks), mondays 11:30-12pm

Find time for you again: 30 minutes of breathwork and gentle movement specifically designed to nourish the postnatal body. Each class includes yoga poses to: relieve aching muscles, slowly rebuild pelvic floor and abdominal tone and improve posture. We particularly focus on breathing techniques to relax and renergise sleep-deprived parents. 

These classes offer new mums the time and space to rest and heal but also to keep building that connection with your new baby. Babies rest on mother's body or by their side throughout and you're welcome to feed, change, rock, sing and generally do whatever you and baby need during the class. 

The in-person version of these classes finished with tea and cake so we always end these virtual class with a chance for you to chat to other new parents in your unique position right now; creating an additional support network for those particularly challenging "lockdown" days. Please feel free to message me on 07308 077605 with any questions you might have before joining one of these prenatal classes.

To book classes with other teachers…

In November 2018 I opened a small yoga studio above Hertford Coffee Lab on Bull Plain, Hertford teaching four classes a week myself. As our community of committed yoga students grew week on week I quickly realised it was time to collaborate with the high quality yoga teachers I'd been practising with in the local area, so that we could better serve the community we were building together.

I currently share our beautiful studio with Becky Biergural and Jimi Baxter.  They are working with a small number of clients on a 1:1 basis during this quarantine period and I can't recommend their teaching expertise enough. Please contact Becky or Jimi directly for more information. 

BECKY - EMAIL or visit Becky's website